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Our Story

Have you ever gone to see a band, and the first time you saw them, they were pretty good, so you go to another show, but, the second one didn't nearly live up to the excitement or expectations of the first? In most cases, you almost feel like it was a waste of your time and money to have made the effort to go to that second show at all, right? Desert of Talking Shadows is a band that not only continues to find ways to get better each and every night, but also creates unique experiences for each specific show so that you won't ever see the same show twice. The performances themselves are always at such a higher level each time, that you'll find yourself continually coming back for more and feel truly satisfied that you've spent your night being a part of something special and one of a kind in that moment. Bands and artists should always create exactly that, MOMENTS, and that's what's been lacking in the current world of music these days. When you watch DOTS onstage, you will be given such creative and immersive moments, that you'll take and cherish these amazing memories with you for the rest of your life. Come to a show and set yourself on the path of falling in love with the moment again. 

Our Start

We got our start back in 2018 when we were asked to play a sold out Viper Room show in Los Angeles opening for the great Jared James Nichols. From there, we had great opportunities that we built momentum upon such as playing NAMM with Gibson Guitars at Anaheim Convention Center, and headlining The Troubadour. 

New Beginnings

Covid approached and so we found ourselves with a lineup change and no physical place to play. So, instead of giving up, we found ourselves playing livestreams, one of which led to us meeting Johnny Christ of Avenged Sevenfold where he gave us high praise of having a "bright future", and donated money to us to help out. We used this money to hunker back into the studio where we created our brand new EP "Misato" which then garnered critical acclaim and received consistent airplay overseas.


Always Moving Forward

In 2022, we found ourselves looking for an even bigger way to capture our live sound. The result was us deciding to drive in an RV across the US from Los Angeles to Chicago and then over to Seattle to record our next full length LP with the legendary Steve Albini and Michael Beinhorn. We achieved a great organic sound that most bands nowadays could only dream of. The new record will be titled "I Thought You Knew" and released in 2024.

How can you get involved?

We've built a great community at our live shows and online, all from the true moral ethos of caring about our audience. People deserve to be given music that wasn't made in 10 seconds by a robot! We take our time crafting every single measure of our music to offer the true passion that music has been missing for years now. The way you can get involved in this, is simply by coming out to a show, listening to, and sharing our music with the ones you love. Enjoy and thank you for your support!

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